About RSD Warehousing

Warehouse company in the Netherlands

After being part of a transport company for a period of 18 years, RSD Warehousing started its independent entity following a management buy-out in 1996. We are operating on both local/national and international markets for different kinds of companies.

  • Our various logistic services
    We can offer you a really complete package of logistic services. Whether you require simple overflow storage space or more sophisticated logistics, we can make a logistic solution; handle it all for you.
  • Full line warehousing
    While you are concentrating on your core business, such as sales and productions, you can leave all your logistic activities to us. Which all leads to satisfied customers!
  • Distribution
    We can distribute your products to your customers by air, road or rail, so you do not have to arrange that by yourselves. 
  • Packaging solution, pick-n-pack
    If your customer order deviates from your standard units per pack, or your customer wants another kind of packaging (private label), we will take care on your behalf to render your customer full services according to his wishes. So, we do repacking, rating, labelling all according to your clients' wishes. 
  • Assembly
    RSD Warehousing can offer you assistance in asssembly to complete your products wich you have sold to your customer, i.e. mounting a cover on a waste-container, or mounting wheels under a palletcar or mounting handles to a carry-system or installing your product on your customer's base. Any assembly you need can be part of our cooperation.
  • Facilities management
    If you need a temporary office or you need a domicile in Holland, we have this logistic solution for you.

Third Party Logistics Service Provider 
With our own warehouse (about 7000 sqm) we are very well situated between Rotterdam and Antwerp. 


RSD Warehousing is very well situated in a modern industrial area in Roosendaal, a medium sized city in the south-west of the Netherlands. This industrial area called The Borchwerf is located in the immediate vicinity of the A17 Motorway. For all types of enterprises, the region of West Brabant is ideally situated: halfway between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, with an excellent infrastructure, a well-educated workforce and an innovative business climate.